Frequently Asked Questions


Your pool layout will be marked in your backyard and you and we will begin gathering all of the necessary permits. Make sure that any trees and areas that you want to protect are clearly marked and out of the way. Heavy equipment will be brought in to dig the hole.

Framing Forms

When excavation is complete we will start the installation of rebar and internal plumbing at which time an electrician is required for lights and pool bonding. We will call for the required inspections and obtain approval before we spray the gunite.


The top edge of your pool will be finished with stone, brick, cantilever pour or cement coping. Now the concrete hardscape can be started and completed. Your mechanical equipment will be installed and electricity hooked up. The interior finish is the step before filling with water.


Accent pieces, hardware and water filtration systems are now ready for installation. Now is the perfect time to install the appropriate safety signage.


The final touch