About Us

Because we are in our second generation of custom pool building, we have some of the most experienced craftsmen in the industry. We take great pride in our superior workmanship, customer service, and research to provide the highest quality possible. Our expertise not only provides our customers with superior quality but, outstanding and proven performance. Whether residential or commercial, our knowledge of the trade aids in coordination for a smoothly run project.
Throughout our many years of experience, we have constructed a variety of pools for a variety of people and business. Our experience has taught us that the final touch is not the last piece of tile or the last word of personalized instruction but, the first plunge our customers take into their beautiful, clean, and properly operating pool.

Considerations of Inground Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are the most elaborate of all the pool categories. These are permanent, reinforced pools with concrete and plaster instead of liners. Excavation is also necessary, and a wide variety of special options such as waterfalls, custom steps, and beach entries can be easily added to complement these high-quality pools. Gunite pools are often seen in commercial applications; many private homeowners, however, also choose gunite pools for their flexibility since they can be built in any shape. Gunite pool owners can also choose from many plaster finishes or pebble applications, allowing for maximum creativity. The high quality of these pools usually puts them in the highest price range.

Interior Finish

A variety of selections are available, including white plaster, pebble, colored plaster, hydrazzo and tile. Textured finishes may lightly abrade swim wear and skin.

Decking and Coping

Your decking choices are unlimited - stained concrete, stamped concrete, natural stone, cool deck (coating, colored/textured) or deck pavers or tile. Cantilever decking edges that blend from the deck into your pool are most frequently used. Another popular alternative is brick coping to accent the outline of your pool.

Upgrade Possibilities and Accessories

Everything should be chosen before excavation is started. Virtually any feature can be added after installation, including spillover or island spas, rock or step waterfalls, interior finishes and colors, decking, fire pits, accent medallions, laminar jets, rain showers, sheer curtains, misters, lighting effects and pool heaters. You can also accessorize your poolscape with volleyball and basketball setups, backyard grills, safety fencing, slides, loungers, and automatic covers (depending on design).


You should expect your backyard to be visually unpleasant during the installation process. Expect a gunite installation to take between 2-3 months. Completion times may vary with state and local inspection criteria. We will spell out the precise terms, timeframe and responsibilities of each party in your contract.


All of our swimming pools, spas, and water features come with a 3 year warranty on all equipment, Lifetime Waranty on the shell, and the following:

Pool Shell- Lifetime Warranty

Approved Plans
Approved Permits
Constructed with schedule 40 PVC Piping
#3 Grade 60 Rebar
5000 PSI Gunite
Marble Light Plaster
Stainless steel grab rails and steps
3 step entry
6" Frost proof water line border ceramic tile **
Bullnose brick coping**

Cleaning Equipment

Telescopic pole
18" Wall brush
Leaf skimmer
Vacuum Head
Vacuum hose
Test kit

Interior Finish

(one choice)
White plaster
French gray
Pebble(8 colors)
Hydrazzo(8 colors)

Pool Equipment

500W light
Rainbow automatic chlorinator


Automatic pool controller
Automatic pool covers
Automatic pool cleaners
Diving Board
Water fall

* There is an extra charge for dirt disposal
** Color Optional

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